a paleogeographic reconstruction (prof_pangaea) wrote,
a paleogeographic reconstruction

random quotes from "deep breath" i found in my "restore from draft"

i have lots more to say about deep breath and into the dalek, but no tiem for that at the moment. so instead, have some random quotes and whatnot i just found in my "restore from draft" when i opened this page up:

"It's times like this I miss Amy."
"Who's Amy?"

"You should make that thing voice activated."
"Oh for God's sake it is, isnt it?"
"I don't want to talk about it."

god damn was strax going to SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE FACE to keep himself from breathing?

btw capaldi is AMAZING and i have been SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by clara having a personality, and an awesome one to boot. also, am already stockpiling supplies in preparation of becoming the only doctor/danny shipper in existence.

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Tags: goddamn i even made an icon, no tiem, random, that's how excited i am, the doctor, the time vortex
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